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Welcome to The Third Place Cafe’s virtual noticeboard. You’ll also find out about anything new on our noticeboards in store. Visit both the site and the store every now and then to see what’s going on!
Because we pride ourselves on being a Third Place and Community Café, we offer a communal multi-purpose space that holds The Third Place’s regular events as well as private ones, defined by you! Previous events include:
  • Corporate workshops
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner events
  • Children’s birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • CPR workshop
  • Arts & crafts workshop
  • Pop-up shops
  • Art exhibit and much more!

Contact us now for your ideas and we’ll make them happen.

The Third Place Cafe


Offer Valid between 12-4pm

Lentil Soup – AED 24

Harira Soup – AED 28

Kunafa – AED 28

Sizzling Kunafa with Ice Cream – AED 38


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The Third Place is not a new concept.

the Arabian coffeehouse the German bierstube the Italian taberna the Viennese coffeehouse

The above third places of their time serve as our template. We are creating a Third Place that can serve a medley of cultures, as that is the definition of Abu Dhabi. The Third Place to us, is defined as that neutral corner that is neither your work not your home. It is a place where you can: do your work, read your book, make your art, feed your hunger… Or simply just drink your [good!] coffee – while feeling nothing short of comfortable.

The Third Place is yours, theirs and ours.

1508515_230435560494636_841579820_n Story

Simply put, we are a trio whose friendship largely came to be over a cup of coffee, a grilled cheese sandwich and a Wi-Fi connection.
Our friendship survived due to periodic coffee sessions and of course, a constant instant message relationship. these sacred meetings almost always took place over a cup of coffee, at one of our favourite coffeehouses, on our common continent – home, we like to call it.
Throughout our student years, we began to realize there was a lack of cafes that double as comfortable work spaces. Soon, our student years were behind us and we started looking for that cafe that will allow us to escape the corporate office and be lost in a good old book. Simultaneously, we expected great coffee and a flexible menu, of course.
Over time, it seemed our discussions started to divert to the successes and downfalls of cafes, what ‘makes or breaks’ them, and how we would fix it.

 Although we had different ideals and different visions, it soon became clear that our common posts as unofficial cafe critics can be put to use. We decided to take action and put all our criticism and complains towards a project that will bring a blend of our ideas, wants and wishes to life.
Throughout our discussions, the recurring elements were: books, ‘real’ coffee, satisfying food and comfort – all of which lead up to the element of “cosy”. At different times, we each criticized the brand-image label coffee houses have come to portray. we wanted to provide beyond average Cappuccinos, comfortable seats and free WiFi! From this it was decided, we want a community coffee house. One with actual coffee. One that provides an element of education. One that does not sport a fancy label. One that grows with its customers.
From This, The Third Place Cafe Was Born

Franchise Opportunities

Please contact us to enquire about franchising and expansion opportunities.

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Corniche road, Villa T3 - أبو ظبي



PHONE +971 2 681 1877





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Corniche Street, same row as Hilal Bank Khaldiya. Across from the Chevrolet showroom., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Corniche Street, same row as Hilal Bank Khaldiya Across from the Chevrolet showroom., Abu Dhabi, UAE